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This rendering is for visualization purposes only. Depicted is a possible layout based on the Picasso



Int 2729 Sq. Ft.
Ext 509 Sq. Ft.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”  Banksy

Time to shake this up.  Do you make a statement with your clothes, your workouts, your career?  Do you choke on the word “normal.” Then grab a pen, a crayon, some chalk or a can of paint, and design the space this life of yours deserves.  Ready to live unapologetically? Welcome to The Banksy. If for you, a climb up Denali is more important than your car in the garage, this two bedroom two and one half bath space is perfect for you.  The master suite is just… cool, and the guest bedroom is ideal for the kid home from college or the buddy in town for the Balloon Glow. Need to see the skyline at 1 o’clock in the A.M? Then the expansive outdoor spaces will scratch that itch beautifully.  Pack up for your Saturday hike in the custom gourmet kitchen, and wine tasting in your spacious living room. Call it a blank slate and start designing it the way you see it in your head. The Banksy… living life on your terms.

3 Bedrooms

3.5 Bathrooms

2 Cars

Open Floor Plan

Roof Top Terrace

Terrace off Master Suite